Interview With A Diety

The Archetype Message Board

The feature: Interview With a Deity, is just that. Annie posts invitations on the archetype message board. Time and again many famous archetypes have visited The General Store and talked with Annie.

Here is a list of the Deities interviewed so far on Welcome Radio:

Kali: The awakener
Vesta: goddess of the hearth
Lada: Goddess of spring
Demeter: goddess
Chandira the Amazon
Thor: god of thunder
Mercury on Technology
Dionysus on Parties
The Sandman
Lady of the Lake
Marina the Mermaid
Venus and Mars on Passion
Neptune on the Ocean
Demeter Returns for the Fall Chiron: the centaur
Bast: Goddess of Play
Mercury Returns on Money
Pallas Athene on Cities
Bacchus: Returns With A Hangover
Zeus on Storm
Mother Nature
Jason the Argonaut
Pan's Breath
The Boogieman Visits
The Elves Game of Days

Alice/Wizard & Alistair/Witch
Hermes Returns on Technology About Technology
The Elves Peri & Larth on Shoes
Goddess of the Moon
The Elves Return on Puzzles
Father Time
Hank on Werewolves
Droid and Wookie
Skadi: Goddess of Winter
The Jester
Gypsy Rosella
Mother Nature on Birth
Apollo on Sun
Venus and Cupid on Love
Samson & Delilah on Hair Selkie on Luck
Hera on Mating
The Elves on Flowers
Jason's Challange
Pan the Panicker
Boogieman Collects Shadows
The World of Elves

Other interviews and stories:

Many Winds: Her name
Many Winds: Mohawk Elders
Many Winds: Ceremony
Many Winds: Snow
Henry and Ray: Go light, Go often
Annie: Legend of the Trouble Tree
Dave Caulder: Log Drive
She Who Runs With Horses:
Vision Quest
She Who Runs With Horses: Ceremony
She Who Runs With Horses:
Her name
Ray: The Great Pumpkin War
Wes the Poet Timtron the Trailblazer
Timtron on remote with singing dog
Timtron's Cadaverlac
Many Dogs the Musher
Barry & Eve the Dogsledders
Leah Wolfsong
Nerissa & Katryna Nields
Johnny Appleseed Walks
Galin & Allen Movie Makers
Jude on Breath
Russell Smith on Pow Wow
Cailand on Animals
Jude's Hands
Dorothy Carter's Musical Hands
Babalao on Therapy
Robin Hood is Royalty
Robin Hood on Lady Marion

Katenia the Dancer
The Play: Paint Chips
Milton's Watercolors
Wally's Sculptures
Rod's Angel Story
Henry's Cautionary Tale
Marita's Found Story
Betty Brighton, Balloonist
Ken on Fly fishing
Cody's Demolition Derby
Quasar and Tilly
AWOL cook
A Play: Outside the Locker Room
City Bob
Tales From the Wreath Shack
Crystal: Wild Tales of Wild Tales
Patty the Bell Lady
Jester the Fool
Ollie the Owl Man
Barry Dana on Earth Stewardship
Heather Pierson
Ollie Talking on Walking
Axle Man
Zu is Gold
Zu's Vision
Spud the Hobo
Molly on Sleep
Dorothy Carter World Traveller

Other/miscellaneous skits or bits:

First Time Visitor
Mel and Annie: Wind As A Bully
Naming the Potholes
Birdie the Mail Lady
Rod the Zen Mechanic
Bonfire Memories
Pearl's Vision
Annie: The Essence of Water
Anita and Birdie: Small Talk
Andy: A Dandelion Story
Marie: Seeds and shawls
Crystal: Bottle the Aurora
Luc Redbear: Night Sky
Annie: Mating of Earth and Sky
Birdie: Thunderhead Popovers
Crystal and Pearl: Agism
Tracy's Quest
Luc Redbear and Bob
Angels' Notchettes
Odber's cookout
Rollo's Invention
Anita's Gemini Vests
Marita and Annie: Old vs New
Henry Returns
Smudging with Rod
Who Sleeps: Annie and Andy
Cool Dunking: Annie and Andy
Swim Tales: Annie and Crystal
Mel's Vacation
Annie: This Bliss
Annie: That Bliss
Celia: Fishing Widows
Crystal's Passion
Mel Delivers
Andy With Seafood
Cal Returns From the Sea
Crystal's Garden
Pearl's Roses
Crystal's Horse
Annie's Favorite Dream
Luc's Gift
Pearl's Nightmare
Ray's Day in Town
Frank Duquette, Border Patrol
Annie and Andy Play
Cal's Advice
Duke Meets Motherheart
Birdie Delivers
Cal's Plan
Annie&Andy: Science and Magic
Spellbound Spike
Birdie with Mail
The Bicker Brothers
Pearl's Boots
Spike's Shoe Story
Timtron's Radio Story
Mel & Andy on Storms
Rod Fixes Vivian's Car
Rod's Wheel Story
Pearl & the Director
Pearl & Crystal on Kissing
Dundee Uses a Field
Quasar's Vision
Mel on the Boogieman
Mel on Animals
Motherheart on Royalty
Motherheart brings Usnea

Spike's Radio Story
Pearl vs. Cal
Tommy on Elders
Moora O'connor's Orbs
Crystal's Fir Tips
Andy Howls
Crystal's Ball
Rod the Zen Guy
Rod The Puzzle Man
Celia's Special
Padraig and Suz
Suz and Padraig Spot a Wolf
Ann: Love of Wolves
Quasar the UFO Chaser
Odber: The Sky Spy
Andy on Writing Poems
Letter From Pearl
Ray's Tales of Snow and Ice
Snowmobilers Looking For A Party
Matt the Tracker
Birdie Puts it On
Marita's Find
Crystal's Accessories
Vivian the Clothier
Pearl's Fashion
Wes With Pet Poems
Crystal's Felines/Andy's Canines
Odber on Fools
Motherheart's Birch Twigs
Anita's Classic Road Trip
Marita and Cumbia
Crystal Celebrates
Pearl's Pearl
Motherheart's Dandelions
Cal's Support for Drama
Motherheart's Plant Antibiotics
Odber on Hats
Girls Unlimited Girls
Marita on Hats
Birdie on Hats
Crystal: Insects and Food
Guru Visits
Angel's Notchettes: Ants
Cal and Birdie: Eye of the Beholder
Moira the Writer
Moira's Angel Book
Andy and the Kite
Pearl's Flight
Madeline's Sun Tea
Andy and Salesman: The Sun's Warmth
Birdie and Annie on Love
Crystal and Pearl on Love
Andy's Cosmic Poem
Redbear's New Scope
Patois and the Bean Chowder
Rollo's Taste
Birdie's Apetite
Patois's Wild Whimsey
Luc Shadowgazes
Crystal and Pearl: Shadow Personalities
Rod's Dexterity
Granny K's First Home
Granny K's Bell
Crystal & Pearl on Therapy